HowTo: Using Word 2007 to Post Blogs with Images (Cut and Paste to Blog)

So I had a blog previously on blogger. The reason I went with Blogger was because it was bought by Google and I thought it would be the best.

However it started to be a huge pain to attach images. I am a screenshot kind of guy. I think any story is better told with a screenshot. Take this awesome speed test from my house as an example:

Now I could have just told you I got over 20MB buts the picture is worth a thousand words.

Here is how you do it:

First you have to use Word Press, other than SharePoint (which is really an option for consumers) it’s the only blogging site with build-in support for image attachment.

  1. Open Word
  2. Click the Office Button at the top left of the windows
  3. Then click New

  4. Then click the New Blog Post

  5. Notice the Blogging interface is different than the normal word interface.

    1. Ether a wizard will come up or click “Manage Accounts” and add. Click Register Now if you get the wizard.

    1. This should bring up the New Blogging Account window.
    2. Simple pick WordPress (make sure you already have an account) and finish the wizard.
    3. Then make a post, copy an image, then paste it in.
    4. Press the publish and you are done!

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2 responses to “HowTo: Using Word 2007 to Post Blogs with Images (Cut and Paste to Blog)”

  1. Verbal Bug says :

    I tried this with a WordPress blog, but it said that the service didn’t allow it or something like that… any thoughts?

    • Eric says :

      Off the top of my head I would think perhaps you put in the URL incorrectly. What is the URL of the blog, I will send you back what the URL should be.

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