Fix: BlackBerry 5.0 Applications Not Working | Permissions Issues

Since BlackBerry Device 5.0 OS and BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) 5.0 a lot of applications no longer work by default. They prompt you for the permissions that the app would like to have. However if you are on a corporate BES server you may not be able to select “allowed”, you may only have the “Prompt” and “Deny”.

If this is the case have no fear. I have already called T-Support and been told its not their problem and I should see the app vendor. Thanks RIM again for that really awesome level 1 support. However this is in fact not the case, it is a BES server issue. RIM should really have level one technical reps that at least know all the corners of the BES application or they shouldn’t be supporting it.

I was able to find the “Application Control Polices” causing the issue. To get this fixed you need to have admin rights to the BES server or get your Admin to do it for you.

Configuring “Application Control Polices”

1) Logon to the BES Server

2) Click on the “Manage Application Control Policies for unlisted Applications” under BlackBerry Solution Management -> Software (on the left had side).

3) Then click on the “Standard Unlisted Optional” link on the right had side

4) Next click the “Edit Application Control Policy” and then “Access Settings” Tab.

5) Finally change the needed permission here. Unfortunately they don’t map name for name on OS and BES so you will have to do some trial and error. Also I have found updating the policy then doing a battery pull on the device and waiting 5 minutes generally tends to get the new policy down to the device.

DISCLAIMER TIME: I have no idea how unsecure this makes your deployment. Use these directions at your own risk. I have set all to “allowed” for the purpose of this screenshot only, I do not recommend doing this unless you know what you are doing. I would love to see some comments on what you find as some of this still doesn’t make total sense to me.


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8 responses to “Fix: BlackBerry 5.0 Applications Not Working | Permissions Issues”

  1. r says :

    So … I AM a bes admin, and someone DID ask me to do this. Concerning security, this is bad. RIM’s defaults go pretty far in protecting from malicious software, and they make you go out of your way to break it, which I think you found. This issue belongs to Amazon. BB != iPhone, guys. Here’s what I did, you can, and they should do instead:

    1. download kindle on your bb.
    2. download this BB Swiss Army Knife tool. it’s handy(
    3. hook up your device, and extract the COD’s with the knife.
    4. find kindle.cod in the knife’s program dir.
    5. create an ALX file to describe the package. i’ll include a working one below. you might have to change the version.
    6. those 2 files are now a package you can deploy from bes with an appropriate app control policy. rim’s docs cover that process pretty well.

    Amazon Kindle

    Amazon Kindle BES Package


    • Vishal says :

      how we can limit rights of BlackBerry service account on exchange 2010

      • Eric says :

        I am not sure, i havent crossed the bridge although I will be there some time this month. If I figure it out I will post a story about it.

  2. David says :

    As a side note, in response to your sarcastic statement “Thanks RIM again for that really awesome level 1 support.”, in my experience RIM T-support is very good. Generally they have been excellent at providing me the answers I needed or working with me to identify the problem and solve it.

    When it comes to troubleshooting and working with any technical support, keep in mind first level support people won’t have all the answers. If they did, they wouldn’t be first level support. Knowing that, you should view any technical support as a partner helping you to find the problem rather than someone to take over the issue and solve it all for you.

  3. Terri says :

    Eric thank you for the the post on the kindle reader not working on the blackberry enterprise. There is no way my enterprise will change settings so the post saved me a lot of time and frustration trying to get something to work when in fact its not going to.

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