Fix: Microsoft Exchange 2007 | “The system cannot find the file specified”

In my rush to get a demo network setup for a customer I was trying to install Microsoft Exchange 2007 onto a Windows 2008 R2 Server and got this error: “the system cannot find the file specified”.

Fix: All you need to do is install the RSAT tools for the OS you are installing it to. For Windows 2008 R2 just go to server manager, features, add features, then add the remote administration tools.


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10 responses to “Fix: Microsoft Exchange 2007 | “The system cannot find the file specified””

  1. Ade Oyenusi says :

    Thanks a lot for this fix! You saved me a lot of troubleshooting, as the error message did not givea single clue!!!

  2. Ade Oyenusi says :

    Thanks for this fix! You saved me a lot of heartache and troubleshooting, especially as the error message gave no indication as to the source of the error!!!

  3. Mosphet73 says :

    thanx thanx thanx thanx, do you have any idea how miuch time i spent researching this…….. once again thanx, i spent at least 3 days, with as little as 6hours sleep, not getting this instalaltion going

  4. Michael Hyman says :

    Eric, I fucking love you

  5. Eric says :

    LOL, your very welcome Michael!

  6. Will F says :

    Thanks for your post here. I had this error occur and had read other sites which suggested active directory roles and features be put on Server 2008 R2. Clearly additional AD components can add complexity to an existing or new domain. The Remote Administration is the correct functionality to add. Other folks dealing with this should wait 5 minutes after a reboot to install Exchange due to certain services being on a delayed automatic start. Your post is greatly appreciated, as it allows the installation to proceed and is correct with out adding unneeded components

  7. Amey Mulay says :

    Thank you ! Worked like a charm !

  8. Mahesh says :

    Thanks Eric,
    You saved my lot of time. The error message gave no indication about source of error. Thanks a lot again.

  9. Janio says :

    Tks good job…

  10. Gajanan says :

    after installation RSAT, it works


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