Office 2013 Installer Failure | “not supported upgrading from a preview version”

Well you are likely here because you are the adventurous type who had Office 2013 Preview installed and then tried to uninstall and install the full release.

Microsoft Office 2013 does not support upgrading from a preview version of Microsoft Office 2013. You must first uninstall these preview versions of Microsoft Office 2013 products and associated technologies:

Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus 2013

Some may advise you to go into control panel and remove all Office items from the programs list. However if you are like me then that will not be enough.

If you are still having issues after reviewing the programs list in the control panel then go ahead and delete the following registry key:


If for some reason that isn’t enough, then delete these as well:


if that still doesn’t do it, then search for the phrase “2013” at the root of the registry and start wacking keys that look office 2013 related. However I am pretty sure that first one will take care of you.

Hey if I helped ya, or you can add something to the conversation then please let me know in the comments belooooooow! I take payment in the form of “thanks” in the comments 😉


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28 responses to “Office 2013 Installer Failure | “not supported upgrading from a preview version””

  1. Charl Pels says :

    Tanks for this tip, it works by deleting HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Installer\Products0005102110000000100000000F01FEC key

    • SureshBabu says :

      Hi Guys.

      I didn’t find this exact key. But a key which started with 000512….. had information about the office 15 installation. I just deleted it and worked. Success after researching 3 days (Actually wasted time with microsoft tools and ideas 😦 )

    • Glenn Quigley says :

      this is the exact key ! worked for me …after many hours of searching. Thank you.

    • dasdas says :

      This is the solution !

  2. Simon Chadwick says :

    Many thanks Eric – you just saved me a lot of hassle!

    It’s amazing that after all these years Microsoft still cannot get these things right.

  3. tonytet says :

    Thanks a lot. This worked wonderfully.

  4. Alan says :

    I can’t find this key: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Installer\Products0005102110000000100000000F01FEC on my Windows Registry.

    • Simon Chadwick says :

      Put a backslash after “Products”:


    • tony says :


      not HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Installer\Products0005102110000000100000000F01FEC

  5. peter says :

    I removed the office completely, remove all the registry keys that have 2013, 2013 preview, or office.
    Restarted computer, install the version pro plus from digitallife “Office_Professional_Plus_2013_64Bit_English_MLF_X18-55297.ISO”. After that, I still couldn’t install the VISIO 2013? what should I do now?
    oh, btw, I researched online and they suggested that I should remove the Proofing tools from the installer and I did, but no use.

  6. Nawras Al Halabi says :

    Thanks soo much.. i was searching alot in regedit and u saved me alot of time… thx..

  7. Piers Vaughan says :

    Thank you. After deleting everything from Programs & Features, and even running Revo Uninstaller I was getting desperate. Your first suggestion fixed it immediately! It might be worth mentioning a quick way to edit the Registry on Windows 8, which is less than friendly (typing Registry in Help gives no answers!), is to open File Explorer, go to C:/Windows, Scroll down and double click on Regedit, since there is no longer a Start option with a nice place to type it!

    • Eric says :


      I am glad I was able to help. One other thing I wanted to let you know Windows 8 still has the type and go functionality. Click Start, the tiles will come up, type regedit and notice the regedit icon shows up. You can type anything Windows 7 could like services.msc or cmd.exe. The only cavott is that control panel stuff will only show after clicking setting on the right (which will show after you start typing something like “devices and printers”. One last bonus, WINDOWS KEY + R will bring up the good old fashion run box. You might like that as well.

  8. Erdem says :

    Thanks, It seems to be working 🙂

  9. visualoomph says :

    Thank you…. I was very frustrated not able to install Visio 2013 preview. Thanks to your tip, i am able to install it successfully…..

  10. Justin says :


  11. akerd says :

    Thank you for the hints, I found another similar key that was used by Office Proofing 2013 (Italian Language) – Preview. Delete this key made the installer working.

  12. Alan says :

    Thanks it really worked wonders!

  13. John says :

    thank you. the first key resolved my issue.

  14. IMC Member Blog says :

    Thank you for this.

  15. Thoeun SoPhanny says :

    Thank you with this helpful documents.

  16. SiliconSmile says :

    spot on… thanx…

  17. tan bitukon says :

    nice it really worked!

  18. danewtech says :

    thank you very much!
    It may be some preview product was installed or registry left behind. Try to find with preview keyword in HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Installer\

  19. Budhi says :

    thanks it work

  20. Rama Souto says :

    Amazing, this worked like a charm! Thanks!

  21. SA says :

    After 1 whole night…am now waiting for installation to complete…thousand thanks to you.

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